One in two cancer patients receive radiotherapy – it is the primary treatment modality in 16% of cancer cures. Traditional radiotherapy is limited by its toxicity to surrounding healthy tissue, it also needs oxygen to form free radicals. Aggressive tumours have regions that are low in oxygen (hypoxic). These regions do not respond well to radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Our product Oxilia enhances the effects of radiotherapy, resulting in:

Higher Cure Rates

Higher Free Radical Dose

Nanoparticles interact with X-rays to generate ‘hotspots’ of free radicals within cancer cells

Fewer Side Effects

Increased Cancer Cell Death

Free radicals damage nearby cellular components inducing cell death (apoptosis)

More Treatable Cancers

No Increase in Toxicity

Only active during radiotherapy and confined to tumour means no increase in toxicity during treatment

How does it work?

Oxilia nanoparticles are injected into tumours in a single low volume procedure prior to the first cycle of radiotherapy. The inert nanoparticles are activated by radiotherapy to split water and generate cancer killing free radicles even in hypoxic tumours. In this way Oxilia enhances the effect of radiotherapy which is otherwise dependent on the presence of oxygen.

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