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Xerion wins funding and expands at Cherwell

An Oxford University spin-out has successfully raised funding to fuel its expansion at Cherwell Innovation Centre, near Bicester, as it looks to use its nanotechnology to enhance the treatment of thousands of people living with cancer.

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Chemistry World article on Xerion Healthcare

How do healthcare products get from academic or start-up labs to the clinic? With a little help from places like the Centre for Process Innovation…

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Xerion highly commended at Oxford Innovation 30th Anniversary Event

The Oxford Innovation 30th Anniversary Event, held at the Blavatnik School of Government on the 11th October 2017, was a magnificent evening celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship that has remained at the core of Oxford Innovation since our inception.

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Xerion awarded Biomedical Catalyst grant

Xerion Healthcare Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant to conduct research into the use of its nanoparticle products for the treatment of pancreatic cancers.

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Xerion present at Nano World Cancer Day 2017

Nanotechnology can be defined simply as science, technology and engineering conducted at the nanoscale: that is the scale of the exceptionally small. It is generally assumed to cover objects from approximately one to 100 nanometres (10-9 to 10-7m) in length.

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